Sassy Goat Milk Soap

I have itchy skin and excema. Being itchy was always a constant. I had heard that bathing with goats milk soap might help. Wow! Itching was always there, like a radio playing in the background. But no more. My skin is content. I bought the unscented Sassy Goat Milk Soap and I smell so fresh and clean. The soap rinses right off, no residue. The washcloth even was clean after wringing it out. There have been many times where I just can't get a washcloth to come clean, and it almost seemed like everytime I squeezed out lather, more appeared. But not with this wonderful soap. No itching, no residue. I say no residue, however, my skin is soft and feels hydrated. I ahve never felt so clean and soft. And the lather! It lathered right up and a little goes a long way. I think this soap will last longer than store-bought bars. Now for the lip balm, which I call lip calm. This winter has been very hard on my lips. Even my old standby lip treatment failed me. But Sassy Goat Lip Balm, Wow! After 24 hours of using it, my lips are soft and smooth again. Fantastic! I'm hooked! Thank you for making these wonderful products.

Caybella, New York

Sassy Goat Milk Soap is wonderful - I get the unscented oatmeal & honey and the shampoo bar - both are fantastic - rinses off completely and leaves you feeling fresh and clean - and no petrochemicals in the soap, which I am trying to get rid of as many products that contain them (everything basically nowadays) as I can - at least I can do it with Sassy Goat Milk Soap.

Don in Ohio

Patty got into some sumac while we were doing the yardwork. I told her to put the (Sassy Goat Milk Salve for Poison Ivy) save on it, she did. Today I asked her about it and she said she forgot she had it. It was drying up and has stopped itching.

New York

Thank you, Ruby for your Sassy Goat Milk Soap. It has done wonders for my psoriasis areas. I love the suds it makes and that it rinses clean. And thank you to Jill for being such a great mommy to Ruby (the Sassy Goat).


Hello, I bought your soap a couple months ago and just started using it cause I was finishing up "other" stuff I bought. All I can say is WOW!!!! I love it! It makes my face so soft and squeaky clean but it doesn't feel dry. I have dry and sensitive skin and I have to be careful what I use. I also like to use the most natural skin care products I can find and I also am against products being tested on animals. I'lve had several people even tell me that my skin looks great. I WILL BE a return customer and I have your website on my favorites list. From a very happy customer in Montrose, Michigan.

Cinty Diaz-Tipton
Montose, Michigan

Your Sassy Goat Milk Butter Cream Lotion is Wonderful!! I tried everything on my severely cracked, dry heels. Nothing worked. Then I tried your Sassy Goat Milk Lotion and within a few days, my heels were beginning to heal. After about a week (using the lotion twice each day), they are almost completed healed. Thanks!! P.S. I need more!!

Dr. Timothy George
Birmingham, Alabama

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I really like your Sassy Goat Lip Butter! I play a harmonica with a band and in the winter it really helps to keep my lips from cracking. It's a great product! Kudos to Ruby!


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Thank you for getting our order to us so quickly! And I wanted to let you know how wonderful your shampoo and butter cream have been for my granddaughter. I used the cream (lotion) myself, and could tell the difference on my face immediately. We began using the shampoo and butter cream on my four year old granddaughter, making her a "little goatie" from head to toe since we were already using Sassy Goat Milk Soap. After 3 days, her psoriasis was completely gone!!! She has been to the dermatologist several times, and was using a prescription cream which helped keep it from spreading too quickly, but never got rid of it. For the first time since she was walking, she is now psoriasis free! You have won some loyal customers here! By the way, I love it too! I kept a jar of Sassy Goat Milk Butter Cream lotion for me. I haven't worn make-up in years, but my 18 year old son came up to me last night and told me my face looked like I had make-up on. I can't wait to try the lip butter!

Swansea, South Carolina

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Thanks you ~sooo much~ for wonderful soap, prompt mailing, creative packaging and care ~ a pure delight! The soap is just wonderful ~ mild, lathers well, so nice ~ and the molds, the rose and heart and bar which I ordered are so sweet ~ and your packaging is so carefully and artistically chosen...and last but not least your logo of Sassy Goat with Ruby lips is a perfect charm. Once in a while something that is done with loving care comes along. Thank you for this delight! Look forward to ordering again soon!

Carmichael, California

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We enjoy Sassy Goat Milk Soap so very much. Jack's skin has almost cleared up completely. You have a great product. We enjoy all your products!

The Harps
Flintstone, Georgia

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My goofy 12-year-old sister found your website on a google-image search in which she typed "goat". She found it hilarious and asked for some for Christmas! We both love your product, it's actually great stuff!

Allentown, Pennsylvannia

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Your Goat Milk Shampoo Bar is really, really good as I have some psoriasis on my scalp and it really seems to help in clearing it up !!! Your goat milk cream is also really good for any facial dry patches and makes a great eye cream too. I have fibromyalgia and extreme sensitivities to chemicals and fragrances so your products are a great find for me. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR THOUGHTFULNESS.

God Bless
Calgary, Alberta

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I want to thank you for creating and developing that wonderful pure goat milk soap.

Since I am a Type II diabetic, my skin has always been so dry and constantly itches, especially in the winter time. After trying several anti-itch cremes and prescriptions, nothing seemed to help. One day, after reading the ingredients and comparing them with another soap I had been using, I decided to try it.

I have never been as surprised and delighted that after the first bath, the moisture stayed on my body, especially my legs, that since I tried the first bar, I have not had one single sign of an itchy skin. The first bar I tried has been over two years ago and I just had to write you and tell you what it has done for me.... I can also tell a big difference in my face and has smoothed out the lines and my makeup stays on all day.

After having such good luck on myself, I heard you mention selling some special dog soap with similiar ingredients. Even though I use the vetenarian prescribed medication such as for heart worms and a product called Advantage for fleas and ticks, my little dog still would constantly scratch, even causing two bare spots on her back. So, since I had such good luck with the goat milk shampoo and body soap, I decided to get a bar for my dog.

I have tried it twice, and for the first time this summer, she has stopped scratching..... I understand it is sold by the Humane Society in Walker County with all the proceeds going to the animal shelter. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product, both for me and my little dog.

L. Williams
Chattanooga Valley

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Sassy Goat Lip Butter is simply the best I've ever tried. It is better than Burt's Bees, Aveda, Sex Wax, and every imaginable lip balm I've tried on the market. It goes on smoothly and lasts for hours. Your lips are hydrated and smooth, yet don't feel like they are caked in an oily product. The softness remains even after wiped off after eating or drinking. I am so pleased to find an all natural product that works so well.

Thanks for discovering the secret to naturally soft, hydrated lips!

Dr. Sharon Farrelly

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After using this soap for more than a year, I am more than ever convinced that this is the best anti-aging product I have ever found. The cost is only a fraction of the cost of other anti-aging products and I honestly think it does a better job in half the time.

When I take an exfoliating pad, dampen with water and lather in a circular motion and then splash water on my face, it cleans so gently and deep that my skin actually squeaks. I guess that's where the term "squeaky clean" comes from. I don't understand about the ingredients, the PH factor, and whatever makes it work, but I do know the results. It must be the moisture that is retained in your skin that helps smooth out and almost eliminate scaly rough spots, lines and age spots... however, much to my dismay, it has failed to eliminate my double chin!

I feel that this is a new, less invasive, quick-recovery treatment of your skin which will help turn the clock back by years...


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This soap is like none I have ever used. My legs are usually so dry that I scratch them until they bleed. My skin after just 2 weeks is so smooth and so moisturized. I even got so brave that I shaved my legs with the soap. This is something I would normally NEVER do because my legs stay so dry. They were silkier than I have ever felt them. WOW! And, I love the lotion for my hands. They stay so hydrated for hours and hours. I can’t help rubbing them they feel so good. This stuff is so great. I can’t wait to try the wool “wrap” for my soap. I love the feeling of exfoliation. Thanks for your excellent quality products!

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"I use sassy goat milk soap on my face and it has made it so soft and smooth. I can tell a difference."


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"Not long ago, my wife and I picked up samples of your soap from GreenLife in downtown Chattanooga. I loved it! Thank you very much!

Ringgold, GA

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"I thought it was time to write to tell you how much I love my sassy goat milk soap.... My skin is visibly softer, and I find myself wearing only foundation under my eyes, blush, mascara and a bit of lip color. I am amazed at how my skin tone is brighter. I even look forward to washing my face in the a.m., and can't wait to use it after working all day. I didn't take the soap out of the net wrapping. I use it as an exfoliator every time I wash. Soft and squeeky, I am. I have a bar in the shower for my neck and upper body, and at the sink for face. Your Sassy Goat Milk Soap Hair Conditioning Shampoo is great, too. Now it is time for you to develop some sassy goat milk moisturizer for us. Thank you for your "invention". Keep feeding those goats!"

Villa Rica, GA

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Greetings to Jill & Ruby!
"Just a short note of “THANKS” for making such a wonderful product!! My favorite is Shea Butter! It makes your skin feel soooo silky and soft! Really SASSY!

I’m excited about your Newsletter, and maybe a line of Greeting Cards?!! Have you considered also soap made in the shape of sassy lips?!!!

I love your Easter costumes and ribbons!!! I just love your goats!!!"

Sincerely in love with your products,

Nina Blair
Marietta, Georgia

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"Your Sassy Goat Milk Soap really makes a difference."

Thanks, Mary

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"My daughter lives in Cleveland and we try to see one another at least once every two (2) weeks. I started using Sassy Goat Milk Soap and when I did see her, she asked me if I had changed my makeup because my skin looked a lot better!"

Tootie's Treasures customer

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"I have tried your Sassy Goat Milk Soap before and I like it a lot. I like the simpleness in the smell and the way it leaves your skin feeling so soft and nourished."


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We have been selling the Sassy Goat Milk Soap at the Clothes Basket and we have some great compliments for the soap.

Ashley has been using the Sassy Goat Milk Soap Shampoo bar and her dandruff is gone. Needless to say she is a believer.

Marc my bosses 8 year old son is in love with the soap. His exzema is so much improved his mom has purchased a bar for each individual in their home.

Pat at the beauty shop next door says that for the first time in many many years she can shave her legs with no discomfort, her skin is no longer dry and flaky and of course the most important side effect is she can now wear black socks ha-ha.

My grandson Houston who is four is just now starting the use of the soap. I will keep you posted on his exzema.

We have numerous comments from other folks as well stating the love the feeling of their skin, the softness etc from the soap. We hope everyone wants to use it for life.

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"Johnita as you know I came to your shop the same day that you started selling the Sassy Goat Milk Soap. My son, Nicholas is 11 months old and has sever eczema and also alot of allergies. I came in and bought the soap and took it home and bathed him in it and the next morning I was just about afraid to look at him due to the fact that he has so many allergies. I was so surprised when I looked at his skin. After just one bath his skin looked about 90% better. I will be back to buy some more soap. This is a miracle soap. My son was just miserable. His skin was just like sandpaper and he would scratch until he bled. He no longer does that. Thank you so much for telling me about Sassy Goat Milk Soap. You have a faithful customer."

Kim Hayes

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"I am so glad that I took a chance and ordered your great soaps! I appreciated your packaging; from the presentation of the soap, to the holiday colors of the tissue paper in the shipping box. I bought extra bars for my Dad and my daughter to try. I'm waiting to hear back from them. You can look forward to future orders from our family."

Thanks, Kathy

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"I am the woman that was buying the soap at Judy's shop Tootie's Treasures when you came in. I had rough elbows and I have used one bar and they are clearing up and soft. Thank you! I went and bought two bars today! I have never used soap on my face but I tried your soap and my face was soft and smooth! I love your soap!"

Doris Cochran

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"A dear friend went to Judy O'Neal's shop Tootie's Treasures. She bought me a gift of your soap! I am a combination of oily and dry skin with breakouts occasionally, and have become more sensitive to things with age! Tried your soap on my body as soon a getting this wonderful, thoughtful gift, and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! Would LOVE to use it from now on!"

A Sassy Goat Fan!!!

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"I tried your Sassy Goat Milk Soap, and my face feels like satin, so as you would guess, I love it! Oh yes, my soap dish is a Kings Crown Ruby Thumbprint sugar bowl, which fits perfectly on the back of my basin holding the heart shaped bar."


Sassy photo

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"I just wanted to say that I love your Sassy Goat Milk Soaps. I get them regularly from Flintstone Farm and Garden. I have terrible psoriasis on the knuckle of my hands and have found that Sassy Goat Milk Soap is about the best thing for it."

Stephani Bryson

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"I am a gardner and have used various soaps to rid my hands of the dryness and stain of gardening. I was amazed to find that after latering with Sassy Goat Milk Soap my hands were not only moist, they were also stain free. I am thrilled to have found a truly moisturizing product.
Thank you."

Shirley Johnson

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"For the past decade, because of sensitive skin and over-the-counter facial cleansesr that caused bright red rashes around my mouth, I have drained the family budget in order to buy extremely expensive cleansers for my face. I first used Mary Kay cleanser. It helped the rash, but I still had some break-outs. Then I switched to Merle Norman cleanser. I paid about $30 a tube, but it, too, caused break-outs. As a 54-year-old woman with very sensitive skin, I was reluctant at first to use "Sassy Goat Milk Soap" on my face. But after I read the ingredients--which are natural and pure--and after I researched how the Ph balance in Sassy Goat Milk Soap is so close to the Ph balance in my own skin, I decided to try it. I'm glad I did! After two months of washing my face morning and evening, my skin is softer, more moisturized, and I've had no rash nor breaks-out--at all! I like the fact, too, that the soap is made in small batches (for quality control), and that the goat's milk is "straight-from-the-goat fresh," and not made in huge vats in some far away factory. I now bathe with the soap from face to toe, and I am a very happy--and lifetime--customer! I'd highly recommend Sassy Goat Milk Soap to the woman who has sensitive skin and to women who want to postpone facial wrinkling, rashes, and annoying break-outs."

Denise George
Birmingham, Alabama

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"When I tried Sassy Goat Milk Soap I was hestitant to try anything different than what I had been using on my face, but I did try it on my hands. I immediately noticed a difference. The more I used it the more I realized that I didn't even need to continue to use hand lotion. Since I have super sensitive skin, I had been using the same soap on my face for the last 35 years. After a month of using Sassy Goat Milk Soap on my hands, I tried it on my face. I was so surprised at how soft my face became! I haven't even had any breakouts since I began using Sassy Goat Milk Soap. And my makeup glides on effortlessly and stays looking like I just applied it. When I washed with my old soap and used each step of my normal routine for applying makeup, I would have to retouch my makeup every three hours, due to it drying out. Since I have been using Sassy Goat Milk Soap, I don't even have to retouch my makeup during the day (with the exception of lipstick). I just apply it once and remove it before I go to bed. I am now washing my face, hands and entire body everyday with Sassy Goat Milk Soap. I am completely sold on it and will never use anything else!

Willene Wyse
Flintstone, Georgia

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